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Welcome to The Ministers Council website, geared to the interests and needs of clergy, lay, and commissioned ministers serving American Baptist churches in Ohio. Our website is designed to provide information, resources, and connections, as well as a venue for sharing among members and the larger community of colleagues.



The Ministers Council is an autonomous, professional, multi-cultural organization of ordained, commissioned, and lay Christian leaders serving American Baptist Churches in Ohio.


Though our regional programs and policies are solely under the auspices of local leadership, MC Ohio is affiliated with the Ministers Council of American Baptist Churches in the USA as a constituent council.



MC Ohio exists to encourage the growth, development, and support of healthy ministers by providing:


· Opportunities for prayer, study, and fellowship


· Peer-to–peer relationships and networks


· Resources for ministry and skill development


· Promotion of the highest standards of ethics and practice of ministry


· Advocacy for professional church leaders


2015 Officers & Exc. Comm. 

Kristina Gutierrez, President 

Charles Russell, Vice President

Pam Wantz, Treasurer

Troy Shaw, Senator

At-Large Members

Jerome Stevenson

Ken Atchison, Past President

Ernest Jones, ABC-Ohio Staff Rep.

Membership Eligibility
Requires membership in an American Baptist Church and functioning in an ABC recognized ministry or as a matriculating seminary or leadership academy student.  Lay, commissioned, and ordained pastoral leaders (active or retired, of any ministry specialty) are eligible to join. 

Dues Structure

Membership dues are for a calendar year, January-December, and are collected annually by the treasurer of MC Ohio. Dues are divided between the National Ministers Council and MC Ohio.  While most ministers join both the National and MC Ohio, members have the option of joining just one. 

Why Join?
Opportunities to learn togetherOpportunities for fellowship

Opportunities for mutual support

Opportunities for rest and renewal

Access to resources       



Friends are only a call away

How to Join

For membership in both the national and regional MC (or to join only MC Ohio), mail a check made out to “MC ABC-Ohio” to:

Pam Wantz, Treasurer                     6968 Brantford Rd
Dayton, OH  45414 

If you wish to join only the National Ministers Council, get details from 
You may receive a membership card.

Dues for 2014

Regular Membership         $75
Seminary Student              $50
Clergy Couple                    $95
Seminary Couple               $60  

A portion of the dues goes to the National Ministers Council and a portion to The Ohio Minister's Council.

Contact Us

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For more information, questions, and/or comments please contact the Council President:


Ken Atchison, President 

Phone: 513 231-4445 

Cell: 513 549-9238 

FAX: 513 231-7380