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Concord grew out of necessity to meet the needs of  a low income south side area of Columbus.  Many of the individuals that Pastor Draper came into contact with from this area were in need of direction, guidance, moral/ethical support, love and most of all a caring and loving church family.  

On August 4, 2000 Concord was born.  With just 10-15 people, services were held weekly in Pastor Draperís home.  By November of 2000, the church family recognized that they were moving in a positive direction but needed more space.  In the winter of 2000, Concord took steps toward finding a new home.  At the same time Pastor Draper with Godís grace became full time pastor of Concord.  By late spring, Concord was blessed as the congregation was granted permission to hold services in the chapel of the Rosemont Center.  This proved to be a blessing for both Concord members and the youth of the Rosemont Center.  By the winter of 2001, Pastor Draper received a notice from a realtor about vacant church property located on the south side of Columbus in a low to moderate income neighborhood.  In February of 2002, through prayer and supplication, Concord moved into itís new church home located at 181 East Morrill Avenue.  
On Easter Sunday, March 31, 2002, Concord Missionary Baptist church held its first service in its new sanctuary.  

Since that time membership continues to grow.  Today, the one hundred year old edifice is the home to both Concord and Urban Cor.  With the belief that there is nothing too hard for God, Concord will be involved in a variety of ministries including;  weekly bible study, prayer meetings,  music ministries, usher board, youth peer group, couples ministry, missionary society, church newsletter, outreach ministries, and a host of other Christian based groups.

Concord is able to meet some basic needs of the community through UrbanCor.  UrbanCor is a non-profit organization that provides various services and programs to the residents and youth of this community.  Programs planned through UrbanCor include summer camp, daycare (infant to preschool), latchkey program, tutoring program,  college bound program,  youth drop-in-center, professional counseling,(family, marital, and youth), drug and alcohol counseling, food pantry and mini free store.  

As we work towards this goal. we seek your prayers and words of encouragement and guidance as we continue this journey in Godís vineyard.