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Spiritual Authority

Geneses / Exodus / Leviticus / Numbers

February 4, 2003

Deacon Nate Shields, Chairman

Teacher: Troy Lee Shaw, Ph.D.

1535 Dewey Avenue – Columbus, Ohio

Lesson Schedule


4/2003 - Genesis: Authority Established through Birth, Creation, and Choices

11/2003 Exodus: Authority Established through protection, liberation, freedom, and commandments

18/2003 Leviticus: Authority Established through order, preserving, warnings, and limits.

25/2003 Numbers: Authority Established through inventory, respect, consequences, and reality.



Suggested Reading:


1Sa 15:22b - Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice

Watchman Nee (Spiritual Authority) states:

Sin against power is more easily forgiven than sin against authority, because the latter is a sin against God Himself. God alone is authority in all things; all the authorities of the earth are instituted by God. Authority is a tremendous thing in the universe—nothing overshadows it. It is therefore imperative for us who desire to serve God to know the authority of God (SA, p.10).

"We should not be occupied with right or wrong, good or evil; rather should we know who is the authority above us"

"If this matter of authority remains unsolved, nothing can be solved" (SA, p.23).

Mt. Zion Baptist Church

The Day of The Lord – February 4, 2003

I. Introduction – Geneses

Authority Established through Birth, Creation, & Choices

II. God Is The Only Creator

    1. Problem with other theories
    2. Profundity of the 7th day
    3. Miraculous rhythm of time
    4. Ecology

III. The Fall – Antagonizing Authority

    1. Mans’ word vs. God’s law
    2. Subtle Serpent 3:6
    3. Theological alienation Gen. 3:8
    4. Psychological alienation 3:7
    5. Sociological alienation 3:12
    6. Ecological alienation 3:17

IV. The Authentication of Family

    1. Abraham Seed – God’s Authoritative Word
    2. Gen. 13:1 / 16:16 / 21:5

    3. Signs of scenes to come 22: 4, 7, 13
    4. Isaac & The twins 25:23-26
    5. Naming a nation 32:28-32
    6. Making it through lean years 37-47

V. When you’re forgotten, don’t forget 50:24-26

    1. Keep hope
    2. Expect God
    3. Preserve the oath


  1. What is your life founded upon?
  2. How do we recover from the fall?
  3. Should families have a leader?
  4. What does it take to build a nation?
  5. Are we aligned or alienated?
  6. What is your hope?
  7. Have you preserved your future?