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Spiritual Authority

Geneses / Exodus / Leviticus

February 18, 2003



Suggested Reading:


Mark 5:17 - Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.

Watchman Nee (Spiritual Authority) states:

"If God dares to entrust His authority to man, then we can dare to obey. Whether the one in authority is right or wrong does not concern us. The obedient one needs only to obey. The Lord will not hold us responsible for any mistaken obedience, rather He will hold the delegated authority responsible for his erroneous act" (SA, p.71).


"For our service to be approved by God we must not serve with our own strength but serve on resurrection ground. We ourselves have no authority, we are only representing authority. Thus the flesh has no place. We only cause problems if we do anything according to our own whims. The church is not only afraid of there being no authority, it is also afraid of the wrong authority. God has one thought, and it is to establish His own authority" (SA, p.152).




I. Introduction – Leviticus

Authority Established through order, preserving, warnings, and


II. Authority Through the Order of Offerings

    1. Whole Burnt Offering
    2. Meal Offering
    3. Peace Offering
    4. Sin (Purification) Offering
    5. Guilt (Reparation) Offering

III. Sinai: Authority Through the Preserving Power of Laws

    1. The Clean & Un-clean (11-19)
    2. Preachers Polity (21)
    3. Don’t Bring no Junk (22)


IV. Remember, Review, Revise, Revive – Gain Results

    1. Celebrate Success (23)
    2. Remember the lamps & bread (24)
    3. Review the years (25)
    4. The Results (26)
    5. Frame your prosperity (27)




  1. What can you render?
  2. How does your sacrifice measure up?
  3. Do you love the clean or un-clean?
  4. Do you live on the ledge or on the law?
  5. What do you remember?
  6. Have you been revived?
  7. What are your results?