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Spiritual Authority

Geneses / Exodus / Leviticus

February 11, 2003



Suggested Reading:


John 14:15 – If ye love me, keep my commandments.

Watchman Nee (Spiritual Authority) states:

"Let us therefore have a thorough dealing before God with respect to our being sanctified from the rest of the people. The world and ordinary brothers and sisters may continue their family affections, but God's delegated authorities must maintain the glory of God. They ought not set loose their own affections and act carelessly or rebelliously; rather, they must praise the Lord for seeing His glory."

"Those who serve are anointed by God. They should sacrifice their own affections, denying even legitimate ones. All who would maintain God's authority must know how to oppose their own feelings, how to lay aside the deepest of their affections towards their relatives, friends, and loved ones. The demand of God is exacting: unless one lays aside his own affections he cannot serve God" (SA, p.183).

"As soon as we meet God our mouth will be under restraint; we will not dare rail at authorities" (SA, p.91).


Mt. Zion Baptist Church

The Day of The Lord – February 11, 2003

I. Introduction – Exodus

Authority Established through protection, liberation, freedom,

and commandments

II. Authority Through the Deliverance Traditions

    1. Israelite Oppression vs. Opportunity (1)
    2. Banished & Canceled vs. Birth & Call {Moses} (2-4)
    3. The Pharaoh & Plagues or Power & Passover ( 5-12)
    4. Exodus Extremities & Desert Decisions

III. Sinai: Authority Through the Covenant Traditions

    1. The Red Sea: Past, Present, & Future (13-14)
    2. Don’t forget to Sing (15)
    3. Authority manifest through provision (16-17)


IV. Advise, Ark, Alters, Alienation, Anointing, & Authority

    1. Cling to counsel & Commandments (18-23)
    2. Symbols, Sacrifice, and Service (24-31)
    3. Theological alienation Gen. 32:9-10
    4. Psychological alienation 32:1
    5. Sociological alienation 32:22
    6. Authorized & Anointed vs. Acting & Aloof

V. Be Patient, Don’t move – God is Not Through! (40)

      1. Adversary or Ally
      2. Be lead not lost
      3. Look don’t lose



  1. What is holding you in bondage?

  3. How can your Nile help you through your Red Sea?


  5. Do we have a Passover to celebrate?

  7. Can you sing, is your Red Sea behind you?


  9. Are we Commanded or Condemned?

  11. Will you follow or fuss?


7. Do you move with God, or moan about God?