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Snaps & Taps is the premiere art house and lounge. Snaps & Taps provides a unique combination of live performances and social atmosphere that makes for an eclectic experience like no other. Established in 1998 as Finger Snaps and Toe Taps, Snaps and Taps is the original "Art Lounge." Snaps & Taps is located at 44 South Washington Avenue in downtown Columbus, Ohio in the heart of the Discovery District. Snaps & Taps provides a venue for artist to showcase their talents as a visual or performance artist, and a place for art aficionados to experience raw local artistry. Snaps & Taps consist of an "open" art gallery and a "black block" performance theater. The art gallery exhibits different local artists, who express themselves in all different forms and mediums. The performance theater is open nightly offering live
entertainment, which includes poetry, music, theater, dance, and other forms of performance art.

Snaps & Taps is a working piece of art, constantly changing, recreating and redesigning. Snaps & Taps metamorphosis from hosting an opening art exhibit to theater performance to live jazz night, all in one evening, maintains an exciting, fresh and innovative environment. Snaps & Taps is available for rental for small and private events. Snaps & Taps is a comfortable setting for any intimate event allowing for
a maximum of 150 - 175 people. Snaps & Taps is a perfect location for business socials, meetings and catered dining.


FINGER SNAPS & TOE TAPS, LLC is an African-American owned business. Spawned out of a vision to provide African-Americans with quality art and entertainment, Snaps & Taps has become an institution for art and expression. Snaps & Taps creates the opportunity for artistry, and exposure to the artistry. Snaps & Taps does not discriminate nor does Snaps & Taps condone discrimination. Art is art. Expression is expression.  Snaps & Taps is a venue for art expression.